The Primary Kick About was a bespoke programme providing a series of sessions that combined theoretical football knowledge with practical footballing skills and tactics. All sessions adhered to the National Curriculum for schools and encompassed a wide range of both core and foundation subjects. All sessions were written and developed by teaching staff graded as ‘outstanding’ by OFSTED.

All coaches who delivered the practical football coaching sessions had FA coaching qualifications and all sessions were monitored and evaluated regularly to ensure high quality provision while designed to meet the needs of the children in the group

Most of the physical activities to support children’s learning involved play and these in turn helped promote healthy development of large motor skills such as coordination, balance and movement. The programme also helped to promote healthy lifestyles and behaviours through teaching children about healthy eating and other skills that promote good health through personal, social and health education.

Following on from the success of the pilot programme at Hill Top CE Primary School, the programme was rolled out to 24 schools across Bradford with funding from the National Lottery.

The schools were part of the Primary Kick About Linking - Schools model which saw schools paired together for a community cohesion day where the children met at a neutral venue for team building activities and to share their experiences of the programme.

Each group of school children involved were from different backgrounds with mixed abilities - both sporting and academic. They were also mixed gender, thereby improving social inclusion and enhancing community cohesion.

“The work gives our pupils a further understanding of the community in which they live in and how they can become a good citizen by celebrating our differences rather than seeing them as a barrier to truly cohesive society”.

Mr Hitchen, Head of PE - Sandy Lane Primary School


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